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purchase a bellagio penthouse

A Beautiful Bellagio Penthouse

04/05/2015 | by admin | category Travel and Tourism

A beautiful Bellagio penthouse was the place where I wanted to live and play when I moved to Italy. I wanted to purchase a property that was going to serve as a vacation home, but I could easily rent it to vacationers when I was not in town. I searched everywhere until I realized that I could go up to Bellagio and be right on the lake. This is my story of living and playing on the lake outside Bellagio.

I Found A Penthouse

I found a Bellagio penthouse that looked out onto the lake, and it was in a gorgeous building that had all the modern amenities I could ever want. The penthouse is a large space that provides more than enough room for me, but it could easily house a family that is on vacation. I have often rented the space to passing vacationers when I am traveling myself.

The Beautiful Interior

purchase a bellagio penthouse

these brand new penthouses are completely modern in every respect. They have all the modern fixtures you could need, and they have Wi-Fi connectivity to help you stay connected. I am not wanting for any modern conveniences, but I get to walk out on the balcony to see the gorgeous contours of the lake. I look down on a centuries old village from the balcony, but I get to walk back into my beautifully appointed penthouse.

Renting Easily

I decided to rent this property from month to month in case I decide it is time to move, but you could buy one of these penthouses if you choose. Buying is just like buying a house in Italy, but you’re buying a space that is practically brand new. The builders have put a great deal of love into these spaces, and they are selling for fair prices today.

You may have always wanted to live on the Italian lakes, and you have your chance when you see these gorgeous penthouses. Living in Bellagio is a dream come true, and you can do the same in a penthouse just like mine, or you can rent one when you pass through on vacation.

lake como Italy real estate

Como Lake Italy Real Estate is One Way to Live Luxuriously

09/04/2015 | by admin | category Travel and Tourism

Como Lake Real Estate in Italy is one way to live luxuriously. It is expansive, yet gives the feeling of being sealed off from the world and its troubles. The view is breathtaking as you look upon the lake that looks like glass. At night, lights shimmer in the distance. A place fit for a king. It is luxurious. In such a majestic place, one can forget status and be happy for the gift of being there. (more…)