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Study abroad programs: masters in italy

14/12/2015 | by admin | category Education

Italy is a historical country, and a country of love and romance. It is indeed one of the best countries for students who want to study abroad. Getting a master’s degree from Italy means gaining education from the most prestigious educational system.

Italy is offering top-notch business programs from many decades; among the most venerable and versatile, there are those of Bologna Business School, which has been established since 1088.


Why choose Italy

Master’s in business administration or MBA’s are one of the most demanding degrees of today. Almost all the countries are offering master’s in business, but not all of them are providing materialistic and worth learning.

Getting a degree from a country that provides both excellent learning and valuable degree is worth the effort. For this purpose, Bologna Business School offers the most appropriate and affordable programs. Studying in Italy at Bologna Business School benefits a student in a number of ways. Let’s see some of them in detail:

1 – Bologna Business School is a centre of rich academic heritage, having a touch of modernization

2 – All the Masters and MBAs are internationally accepted and respected qualifications

3 – Getting a Master in Italy opens door for other higher education in other European institutions

4 – Along with business knowledge, studying in Italy will improve technical, research, practical, interpersonal and language skills

5 -Studying in Italy also provides an aesthetically appealing view of its beautiful, historic and artistic culture and civilization

Italy offers much more than this; Getting a Masters in Italy grant a perfect and accurate destination of each student’s dream. In fact, one of the foremost and common framework for higher education, which is in operation all over the European business schools, was introduced in Italy by the name Bologna process. This process, thus, provides a confirmation for reliability of masters in Italy.

Unlike other countries, Italy offers a number of advantages to the students. In fact, many pupils might be afraid of studying in Italy just because of its traditional and comprehensive language, which seems quite difficult to understand. However, masters schools in Italy such as Bologna Business School have solved this problem too, offering master in business administration and other higher educational programs in a widely spoken language: English.

Furthermore, studying in Italy is not much expensive because Italy has made its educational regime more affordable and inexpensive for its foreign students. They offer students with financial assistance, health and social security and some scholarship programs.

Additionally, the applicant can easily apply for Italy’s visa by just checking Italy embassy in his/her vicinity, and not thumb rule and ambiguous criteria is required to take admission in business school of Italy.

In short, for gaining admission in one of the most prestigious and the proudest higher educational system in Italy is not that much difficult as it seems to be.

bologna business school location

Master’s degree in Food and Beverage: Why to choose BBS

07/09/2015 | by admin | category Education

Bologna Business School in Villa

If you are interested in obtaining a master’s degree in food and beverage, you will be impressed with the quality education that this school provides to each and every student. This is an international community. Every student will greatly appreciate all that it is made up of. Take the opportunity to obtain an mba in food business management. This is a food business school that has everything that may be needed in order to achieve success. This includes networks, ideas, people and projects.

Study in italy at Bologna Business School

The Heart of Italy

Alma Bologna Business School is an exceptional choice and the location in the heart of Italy is perfect for this food business school. This is a superb learning environment that is conveniently located in one of the most beautiful regions in all of Europe. Villa Guastavillani offers a magnificent 16th century abode that provides each student a grand place to fully express their passions. This environment is beautiful and motivational and provides an exceptional learning environment right in the heart of Italy. This will be exceptional for a wine mba.


Inspiration with Learning

This is a food business school that is filled with inspiration. Learning, energy, and inspiration runs through this entire school. This is the oldest university in the western world. The positive energy and experience that fills this school allows for inspiration and learning to flow naturally for each and every student.

This mba in food business management will inspire you to fulfill your educational dreams and goals. You will enjoy every minute of your learning experience at Alma Bologna Business School. Take the opportunity to discover all that is available and offered in this grand and inspirational school.


Professional Development for Students

Every student will have the opportunity to fully develop their professional skills. Professional development is a goal and will be completely supported by passionate staff who encourage success. Each and every student will be provided with the needed tools and support that will give them the unique expertise that will allow them to be superior professionals in their chosen field of study.


The Aim of BBS

BBS has a very clear aim and is ready to offer cutting-edge services to the following individuals:

  • Young managers
  • Recent graduates
  • Executives and professionals

Each student will receive accessible services and can expect to be challenged in every way. Innovation is a priority in this learning environment. Leadership is promoted and nourished.