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Jobtome simplifies the job search

29/08/2016, by admin, category Business

Long gone are the days of paper applications and in-person resume submissions. In their place, oceans of sites catering to both job seekers and employers have risen. While basic computer skills are extraordinarily widespread, it has become almost a secondary skill to learn to navigate job search sites (no one of which is quite like another).

jobs in the ukJob search sites, while all designed differently, typically permit at minimum two functions: keyword search and location search. Some include many more options, such as search by category or industry, age of job listings, level of jobs (entry-level, mid-management, and so on), and distance, usually determined by a mile radius of a given address or post code. Some are frustratingly complex, requiring a significant amount of exploration and experimentation to feel out the site’s navigation and flow, and for those facing the stringent difficulties that accompany unemployment, the time and energy spent learning how to navigate some of the more complex job search sites can be little spared.

Jobtome, one of the largest job search sites serving the European continent, dramatically simplifies searching for jobs in the UK. Through an easy-to-navigate user interface and ability to search jobs by location, sector, company, or interest, it produces RSS-style lists of UK jobs based on township or region. Most conveniently, it all allows the user to sort jobs by date posted, from newest to oldest, or by relevance, which lists jobs according to how closely they match the keywords input by the user.

Jobtome: the new job search site to find jobs in the UK

Founded in 2012, Jobtome sources jobs from thousands of sources – individual companies, recruiters, and employment agencies. Job seekers can also sign up for daily email notifications for jobs that match their recent searches. On its splash page, it also features companies that are hiring – both in the UK and across Europe. This function can also assist users who are currently employed but are looking to transition to a new company relevant to their discipline.

The UK’s unemployment rate is currently 5.4%; however, the Daily Mail reported in 2015 that not only were there approximately 700,000 jobs available, average earnings had also gotten a bump. Jobtome sweeps and lists thousands of new job offerings every day across a wide variety of sectors and hundreds of cities and townships, making it an optimal destination for those in the UK who are currently jobless, as well as those seeking talent for open positions within their company.

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