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Jobtome simplifies the job search

29/08/2016 | by admin | category Business

Long gone are the days of paper applications and in-person resume submissions. In their place, oceans of sites catering to both job seekers and employers have risen. While basic computer skills are extraordinarily widespread, it has become almost a secondary skill to learn to navigate job search sites (no one of which is quite like another).

jobs in the ukJob search sites, while all designed differently, typically permit at minimum two functions: keyword search and location search. Some include many more options, such as search by category or industry, age of job listings, level of jobs (entry-level, mid-management, and so on), and distance, usually determined by a mile radius of a given address or post code. Some are frustratingly complex, requiring a significant amount of exploration and experimentation to feel out the site’s navigation and flow, and for those facing the stringent difficulties that accompany unemployment, the time and energy spent learning how to navigate some of the more complex job search sites can be little spared.

Jobtome, one of the largest job search sites serving the European continent, dramatically simplifies searching for jobs in the UK. Through an easy-to-navigate user interface and ability to search jobs by location, sector, company, or interest, it produces RSS-style lists of UK jobs based on township or region. Most conveniently, it all allows the user to sort jobs by date posted, from newest to oldest, or by relevance, which lists jobs according to how closely they match the keywords input by the user.

Jobtome: the new job search site to find jobs in the UK

Founded in 2012, Jobtome sources jobs from thousands of sources – individual companies, recruiters, and employment agencies. Job seekers can also sign up for daily email notifications for jobs that match their recent searches. On its splash page, it also features companies that are hiring – both in the UK and across Europe. This function can also assist users who are currently employed but are looking to transition to a new company relevant to their discipline.

The UK’s unemployment rate is currently 5.4%; however, the Daily Mail reported in 2015 that not only were there approximately 700,000 jobs available, average earnings had also gotten a bump. Jobtome sweeps and lists thousands of new job offerings every day across a wide variety of sectors and hundreds of cities and townships, making it an optimal destination for those in the UK who are currently jobless, as well as those seeking talent for open positions within their company.

Binary Options

Australia’s Binary Options – How to Trade the Market Down Under

13/08/2016 | by admin | category Business

TorOption Broker in Australia

Binary options has become increasingly popular in the global trading community. It has also significantly expanded the trading frontier, with hundreds of assets you can choose from including stocks, indices, commodities, and currencies. Australians are paying specific interest to binary options because it provides a myriad of benefits over other types of trading. But before you get excited and start computing potential payouts while writing your resignation letter at your current job, below are five tips on how to trade the market. (more…)

chairs for events and meetings

Mario Orlando & Figli conference chairs

08/06/2016 | by admin | category Business

If you want to be among the best ones in your business you need to make the best of you for your company, including meetings and conferences. A very simple, but still very important way among others, are conference chairs. When today’s market has too much to offer, it is pretty hard to find a conference chair that will meet your expectations. A very hard task to do, especially because there are so many conference chairs that look perfect for your event, but in the end you get so disappointed of their quality or conformity.

There is still no need to worry because the name itself tells you that it is about a unique, qualitative and comfortable conference chair that’s made by real professionals who will understand your needs. Mario Orlando & Figli is a leader in production, planning, and many sales of various types of platforms, solariums, street barriers, gazebos and stands for exhibitions, as well as structures for elections, conference chairs and much more. Thanks to many-years of experience, Mario Orlando & Figli conference chairs are something worth looking for.

chairs for events and meetings

Made in Italy, a country that is high- respected for comfort, quality, and style, these conference chairs are known as among the most qualitative and comfortable ones on the market.

With five colors available- white, black, blue, green and red, you can choose the color you like, or the color that matches the conference hall, which makes every meeting or conference more productive and surely to suit your needs.

Advantages of Mario Orlando & Figli conference chairs that make them unique, original and, above all, qualitative:

  • Easy to store away;
  • The anatomic seat is made of CL1 fireproof polypropylene;
  • The chair body made of 18mm diameter, heat- and rubber- coated tubular structure;
  • Available for meeting and conference halls, schools and offices;
  • Very comfortable and versatile;
  • Sober and essential style;
  • Detailed manual instructions and all the necessary assistance you’ll need;
  • Fast delivery- from the supply approval, time of delivery is 7- 8 days;
  • A quality system is certified by:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

UNI EN ISO 3834-3: 2006

CE EN 1090-1: 2009+A1: 2011

Center of Transformation Certificate

Stock brokers: What They Do Exactly

What Stock Brokers Should Do for You

20/05/2016 | by admin | category Business

Stock brokers: What They Do ExactlyIf you have ever wanted to make a stock trade, you have inevitably discovered that you needed to have a stock broker to help you make the magic mystery sauce trade happen. But what exactly do stock brokers (BD’s for short) do for you? In this post, you will discover exactly how they help you in initiating and completing stock trades.

A Brief History

When the stock market was first coming into existence (you know, back in the dark ages when there was no Internet), stock brokers actually played an extremely prominent role in the day-to-day functioning of the markets. Since no Internet platforms existed, a person literally had to travel to New York City, New York if they wanted to buy US stocks.

Once there, they would meet up with a reputable stock broker and discuss the kind of trade that they were looking to make (i.e. what company, how many shares, what price?). The stock broker was licensed by the US government to initiate and complete trades on the behalf of that individual, so he could duly receive and transmit this information to the proper party.

After their meeting, the stock broker would actually stand on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and attempt to complete the trade as requested for his client. Upon completion of the trade, the stock broker would charge a hefty sum for helping the client make his trade.

What do Stock Brokers do Now?

Now, there isn’t any more need for shouting on the stock exchange floor since the Internet is alive and well. At the same time, the traditional role of the stock broker has shifted paradigms greatly. It used to be that a stock broker had to be a great salesman and good at negotiating prices.

Now, a “stock broker” is basically an electronic system that facilitates the buying and selling of stock shares between individuals. We know these systems popularly by the names “Tradeking, TD Ameritrade, Schwab”, and others. Of course, many broker dealers do offer services beyond facilitating trades (like financial advising and robo-advising), but creating the systems that allow a person to buy and sell their stocks at market price produces a large return for these BD’s each year, since the BD’s take a commission price on every trade.

Electronic Improvements

Naturally, having stock brokers housed on the Internet in the modern day has dramatically increased their value to the typical investor. For one, the commissions that most brokerages take on trades made on the behalf of an investor continue to decrease as more and more competition between broker-dealers floods the market.

Secondly, the availability of broker-dealers online has widely increased the investment volume of the world population. In the past, a person had to have a very personal relationship–truly built on trust–with their BD in order to make a trade. Now, almost anyone anywhere with a bank account can begin to invest in the stock market. In turn, this has exponentially increased the amount of capital available to companies, which increases their ability to invest in innovation and infrastructure.


So, what does your broker-dealer do for you? Short answer: facilitate trades. Long answer: they put in an incredible amount of work to get you the easiest access to stock at the price closest to that price that actually exists in a true, free-market stock market. In other words, they do everything for you…and all for a few dollars per trade.

Tips on How to buy Stocks

Real-World Tips on How to buy Stocks

19/05/2016 | by admin | category Business

Tips on How to buy StocksThe actual process of buying stocks is not a complicated process. New investors with little or no experience in trading stocks can easily open a trading account through an online broker with a minimum deposit and start placing buy and sell orders. However, in order to earn a profit from trading stocks, investors must learn how to effectively buy and sell stocks. The learning process is not an overnight endeavor, and there is a mountain of information from which new investors can choose. Therefore, it is important to start with some of the basics.

How to Buy Stocks

Unfortunately, investors and day traders cannot just call companies and order stocks. Anyone who wants to purchase stocks must use the services of a licensed stockbroker. However, there are countless categories of stockbrokers, so new investors should understand that it is not as simple as looking up stockbrokers in the phone book.

The categories of stockbrokers include simple order-takers that are not very expensive and require investors to conduct their own research, full-service money managers, online/discount brokers and full-service brokers. Each category of stockbroker offers a varying degree of service, and the amount of money investors can expect to pay depends upon the level of service they receive.

Services Offered by Stockbrokers

Online/discount brokers act as order takers and do not provide any financial advice. Investors craft their trading strategies based on their own decisions and not the advice of licensed brokers. Online/discount brokers do offer charts, graphs and information on companies that helps customers build strong trading portfolios. Most discount brokers charge commissions on a per trade basis.

Full-service brokers sit down with investors and discuss their financial goals and what they hope to accomplish by investing in stocks. Full-service brokers also take the time to get to know their clients personally, which helps the broker understand their client’s emotions and how much risk they are willing to take. Full-service brokers cost far more than discount brokers, but many new investors do pay extra knowing they have professionals by their side.

Money managers are highly skilled financial professionals that primarily handle the larger portfolios of wealthy individuals. Often times, money managers take complete control over an investor’s portfolio and execute trades without prior permission. The fees that money manger’s charge are extensive, and manager’s charge based on an investor’s total assets in a portfolio and not per transaction. This category of stockbroker requires investors to deposit anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 before they agree to manage a portfolio.

Market Orders and Limit Orders

Once investors decide which stock they would like to purchase, they can choose from a market order or a limit order. Market orders allow investors to purchase stocks at their current market value. Investors that choose limit orders are placing a limit on the price of the stock. For example, if an investor wants to purchase Microsoft at $50/share, but the stock currently trades at $55/share, the broker waits until Microsoft falls to $50/share.

Other Considerations When Buying Stocks

Thanks to the power of the information era and the internet, there is no shortage of information for new investors. However, investors must decide what information is accurate and what information is useless, and there is a mountain of useless information over the internet. Knowledge and experience are the only two proven techniques to profit from trading stocks.

Learn To Trade With The Right Resources

Learn to trade: Trader training resources to take advantage of

19/05/2016 | by admin | category Business

Learn To Trade With The Right Resources







You’re not going to have success trading on the stock market unless you put time and effort into learning how the market works. While it’s possible to enjoy big returns- even make a living- by investing in the stock market, making money on the market is like any other lucrative money-making venture in that it takes hard work and discipline.

Get started off on the right foot with your stock market investing by going through the following five steps so that you know the ropes before you put your money on the line.

Get a good mentor

The best source of information for someone who’s just starting out is an expert in trading who’s done it all before. If you know someone who trades and who has already had success with trading, it’s a good idea to ask them for advice. You’ll probably find that having a good mentor puts you way ahead of the game. Although there are many informational resources out there, it’s hard to know where to get started trading. A mentor can help you enjoy success early on and take some of the risk out of being a newbie investor.

Do some reading

There’s so much literature out there on trading that it can be hard to know which publications are worth your time. Get started with some highly praised investment guides including Stock Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John Murphy, and The Nature of Risk by Justin Mamus.

Watch Bloomberg news and subscribe to the Wall Street Journal

Putting Bloomberg news on in the background when you’re engaged in everyday tasks that don’t require complete concentration is a good idea. Bloomberg news is news that’s tailored to investors.

Successful investing requires you to be informed and know what’s happening with the companies you have invested in or you are considering investing in. A company’s prospects can change quickly, so compulsively and constantly watching the news is important for investment success.

Use a simulator

Simulated trading is a great way to learn the ins and outs of investing before you’re actually risking your money. There are numerous trading sites and educational sites out there that offer simulated trading platforms. Find one and give it a whirl. Then, you can actually start investing once you gain some confidence and experience.

Learn how to read price charts

Price charts are a vital tool to the investor. Of course, they’re not necessarily simple to understand for the uninitiated. Price charts track how the value of a stock has varied over a given period. The most basic type of chart used in technical analysis for trading is the line chart. However, bar charts, candlestick charts, and point and figure charts can also be important in predicting stock behavior. Learn how traders use all these information sources to their advantage as part of your preparation for trading.

Study up on risk management

Once you’ve got your money invested in a stock, you need to know how low it can go before you need to back out and cut your losses. This requires you to understand risk management and how risk is shown by stock behaviors.

Beginners Tips on Currency Market Trading

Currency market: Six Forex Trading Essentials

18/05/2016 | by admin | category Business

Beginners Tips on Currency Market TradingElectronic trading in the FOREX market is open to anyone with a device for connecting to the Internet. Other than funds to set up a trading account, everything else required to participate in the Foreign Exchange market can be obtained free of cost, using technology hardware that most people already own for other purposes.

Online Forex Trading Essentials

• Internet access-preferably high-speed and reliable
• Desk or laptop computer, tablet or smart phone
• Forex broker
• Trading software-often referred to as the trading platform
• Trading education
• Money to fund a trading account

Internet Access

When retail Forex trading first appeared in 1996, few people had high-speed Internet service. Now it is only just short of essential for Forex trading, due to the rapidity of currency price changes and the use by some traders of extreme high-speed algorithmic trading programs. Reliability is key, as anyone who has experienced the panic of having trades on when an Internet connection was lost can attest. Many traders maintain a backup connection, often through cellular service, to avoid being left in the dark during a trading session.

Trading Hardware

Forex brokers strive to make their trading platforms as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Most desk and laptop computers possess adequate capabilities and mobile trading applications well within the specifications of even the first generation of smartphones mean that expensive technology is not an absolute necessity.

Forex Broker

Selecting a broker requires some research and due diligence, but virtually any worthwhile broker offers free trials for purposes of evaluation. They also offer simulated trading accounts where you can test their trading platforms and service without risking real money.

There are two types of Forex broker, the Market Maker and the Electronic Clearing Network (ECN) broker. Market Makers typically have the lowest trading costs, but they take the opposite position on every trade initiated, so a Market Maker with an impeccable reputation for honesty and transparency is critically essential. ECN brokers match buyers with sellers, offering more objectivity, but their fees are generally slightly higher.

Choosing a broker is one of the most important decisions. Taking the time to read a broker’s legal documents is pure drudgery, but it is imperative to understand the broker’s rules. It also should be said that there is no law limiting traders to one broker, with the only limitation being minimum trading account sizes and available trading funds.

Trading Platform

An easy to use, intuitive trading platform facilitates devoting more mental energy to finding and executing trades. Many brokers offer several. Some platforms are installed on the trader’s device, others are web-based using no disc space, and make it possible to trade anywhere an Internet connection exists. Mobile applications for tablets and smartphones provide freedom to carry out routine daily tasks while monitoring the Forex market.

Trading Education

Learning to anticipate and react to currency price changes is essential in order to make the best possible trading decisions. Brokers and third parties offer terabytes of this information. It should be considered an ongoing process from the introductory level to the most highly advanced, somewhat akin to how a doctor continues to study medicine to remain current.

Trading Funds

The most essential aspect of trading funds is that they hold no emotional connection to the trader, that is, traders should only use money they can afford to lose without physical or psychological consequences. Anything less than complete detachment from the trading funds is an invitation to money-losing emotional trading decisions.


The Importance of Finance

24/11/2015 | by admin | category Business

Finance is actually a broad business term that describes how an enterprise generates their cash needs and how these cash are managed. For any new business starting up and itching to make a name for themselves in the market, a thorough knowledge in finance is highly required. In fact the backbone of any business plan is how to get money and how this money will be effectively managed in running the day to day operations of the enterprise.

Most experts believe that finance is a science that solely deals with money management. Before managing money however, it first has to be generated or outsourced. Generating finance is not a light decision to make because there are several risk factors that need to be considered, like what the current interest rates on loan prevailing are, are the expected cash inflows able to service the loan repayments or are the investment bankers willing to back you up by underwriting your risks. Fund management on the other hand deals with activities like making sound and low risk investment, seeking out and negotiating for low credit funds and matching future cash inflows and future liabilities so that funds are always available to settle debts when they become due.
Finance is like a spring that trickles down our very economy keeping everything afloat.


There are three key categories of finance: personal finance, corporate finance and public finance. Unwise financial decisions made in any of these three sectors could result in catastrophic effects in the economy. This therefore makes a knowledge in finance very important. The flow of finances mainly starts from venture capitalist who lay out the funds needed to start an enterprises. The next step involves using those funds to generate sales and finally paying up the money initially borrowed. This in essence shows that our economy is driven by finance.
Any enterprise starting up or hoping to achieve a constant growth rate, needs to keep their finances in check. All operations within the business require some sort financial outlay, so if the bank accounts run low and the fund managers are quacks operations within the business crumble and the whole business goes under.

platform financika

Financika Academy and Courses

22/10/2015 | by admin | category Business

The benefits of investing in stocks, coming to you directly from Financika

One of the first things that the Financika Academy will teach you about is investing. Another thing Financika will tell you is that you need to concentrate your efforts with stocks. Some say that investing in stocks is over. Financika Academy is telling their clients otherwise.

How can you learn more about this?

Simple. Join the academy today. What else can they teach you?
Follow us down below for more of an overview…

The Economy

A growing economy has lots of benefits. As the economy grows, your earnings will too. This is one of the first rules they teach you at Financika Academy. This will create more income. This will drive more sales. It works for both sides.

Making your money work for you from every angle

platform financika

Another rule of investing lies in the logic of “buy low and sell high.” If you are going to do any sort of investing, you need to pay close attention to this. This includes people who are collectors and financial advocates. You have to learn about the “window of opportunity“. This is when the price is at an all-time low. This window will only be available for a short period. Once the window is closed, the price will go back up, sometimes even higher than it was before.
Day traders tend to this. They look for short-period trends. This is the time you want to grab. Times like this do not last long. You can learn about all of this at the Financika Academy. They teach you these points in easy-to-follow instructions. If you are going to be investing in stocks, this is the time to learn about it.

Cash Flow

There are lots of investors who like to have a regular cash flow coming in. This happens a great deal with stocks. Some companies do not grow as fast, but the dividends are still profitable. You can draw on some of the extra cash, while your profit margin is growing.

Sell at any time

If you need the cash in a hurry, you can withdrawal at any time. Now depending on the situation, you might have to take a small loss. In most cases though, your loss will not be that bad.


Financika Academy can help you learn all you need to know about stocks and the various options that are available. These classes are worthwhile for any kinds of investing. Go online to the site today.


All About Stainless Steel IPE Beams

14/07/2015 | by admin | category Industrial & Mechanical

Nowadays, it is not easy to find an area that has not been framed by skyscrapers, buildings, and all kinds of structures. Surely, we cannot deny the fact that architectural metal work has worked magic in the transformation of stainless steel into beautiful, massive, and strong structures that we interact with in our daily lives. Certainly, most modern buildings are very pleasing to the eye.

Making of a Stainless Steel IPE Beam

stainless-steel-ipe-beamThe basic elements found within the earth surface that make up stainless steels include: manganese, nitrogen, carbon, nickel, silicon, chromium, and iron ore. The varying quantities of these elements tailor the properties of the final alloy. For example, nitrogen improves ductility, a tensile property. Further, it improves corrosion resistance. It is therefore used in duplex stainless steel.
Stainless steel profiles are made using a series of processes. The steel is first melted after which it is cast into a solid. After several forming processes, the steel goes through a heat treatment step. Thereafter, it is cleaned and polished. This gives it the preferred finish. It is then packed well and sent to various manufactures.
Note that a stainless steel IPE beam can be jointed or welded to produce the desired shapes and sizes.
IPE, a short form, stands for the bar shaped beams or elements that have parallel internal surfaces of the flinges and dimensions. The upper as well as the lower horizontal part of the stainless steel IPE beam is referred to as the flange. The web is the connecting vertical middle part.
The standard IPE profile is the most common version in the product group of the stainless steel IPE beam.

Uses of Stainless Steel Profiles

The stainless steel IPE beam is used for various functions in buildings and architecture. Examples include:
Building of stainless steel road bridges as well as pedestrian bridges.

  • Airport building. Stainless still is now being used for the building of airport roofing materials. This is solely because it has low glare that minimizes the blinding of pilots.
  • Architecture. Stainless steel is generally used in building for aesthetic and practical reasons. Some fast food restaurants and diners use stainless steel fixtures, large ornamental panels, and furniture. Most of these buildings retain their original appearance because stainless steel is a very durable material. Other than durability, another common reason for using steel is the aesthetic value.

The stainless steel profiles can also be produced from scrap. After utilization, they can be recycled. This helps in the conservation of new resources.