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Study abroad programs: masters in italy

14/12/2015 | by admin | category Education

Italy is a historical country, and a country of love and romance. It is indeed one of the best countries for students who want to study abroad. Getting a master’s degree from Italy means gaining education from the most prestigious educational system. Italy is offering top-notch business programs from many decades; among the most venerable and […]


The Importance of Finance

24/11/2015 | by admin | category Business

Finance is actually a broad business term that describes how an enterprise generates their cash needs and how these cash are managed. For any new business starting up and itching to make a name for themselves in the market, a thorough knowledge in finance is highly required. In fact the backbone of any business plan […]

platform financika

Financika Academy and Courses

22/10/2015 | by admin | category Business

The benefits of investing in stocks, coming to you directly from Financika One of the first things that the Financika Academy will teach you about is investing. Another thing Financika will tell you is that you need to concentrate your efforts with stocks. Some say that investing in stocks is over. Financika Academy is telling […]

bologna business school location

Master’s degree in Food and Beverage: Why to choose BBS

07/09/2015 | by admin | category Education

Bologna Business School in Villa If you are interested in obtaining a master’s degree in food and beverage, you will be impressed with the quality education that this school provides to each and every student. This is an international community. Every student will greatly appreciate all that it is made up of. Take the opportunity to […]


All About Stainless Steel IPE Beams

14/07/2015 | by admin | category Industrial & Mechanical

Nowadays, it is not easy to find an area that has not been framed by skyscrapers, buildings, and all kinds of structures. Surely, we cannot deny the fact that architectural metal work has worked magic in the transformation of stainless steel into beautiful, massive, and strong structures that we interact with in our daily lives. […]

purchase a bellagio penthouse

A Beautiful Bellagio Penthouse

04/05/2015 | by admin | category Travel and Tourism

A beautiful Bellagio penthouse was the place where I wanted to live and play when I moved to Italy. I wanted to purchase a property that was going to serve as a vacation home, but I could easily rent it to vacationers when I was not in town. I searched everywhere until I realized that […]


Rectangular Hollow Section allows new concepts

14/04/2015 | by admin | category Industrial & Mechanical

The use of rectangular hollow section allows new concepts in architectural abilities. Buildings can be shaped and formed to have contemporary looks. Drastic angles are also now possible with the new steel rectangular hollow sections. The hollow sections are made entirely of steel which makes them stronger for building. The sections can also be filled with […]

lake como Italy real estate

Como Lake Italy Real Estate is One Way to Live Luxuriously

09/04/2015 | by admin | category Travel and Tourism

Como Lake Real Estate in Italy is one way to live luxuriously. It is expansive, yet gives the feeling of being sealed off from the world and its troubles. The view is breathtaking as you look upon the lake that looks like glass. At night, lights shimmer in the distance. A place fit for a […]